Gifts, Fireweed Tea, English Church Slavonic
Prayer Books
, and Russian Children books.
10am-10pm weekdays, Saturday 10am-8pm.
We are located at Nikolaevsk Russian Village.  
Please check out our website
or call (907)235-6867.
I am trying to incorporate a Banya to your availability.
This Banya is a traditional Russian sweat room. For
healing properties and detoxification. However this
project can not be accomplished with just my effort. If
you would like to enjoy this Banya in the near future,
you can help me with any contribution .
Cash donations at any level are greatly appreciated.

I am a donor myself to children in Russia and there is
nothing better in this life than to help others.

You can write your check to:
Nina  Fefelov.
P.O.Box 5025
Nikolaevsk, AK 99556

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Nina F.
Traditional Russian
# 2. Rosary from Russia.        
NINA'S Fireweed RUSSIAN TEA     
INCREDIBLE: 100% Organic!

Dry strawberry leaves,  
dry mint leaves and stem,
dry black current leaves,
fireweed blossom.Enjoy!!!
All Proceeds are used to purchase
food for children in Russia.
Blossom for Sale NOW!
All Proceeds are used to
purchase food for
children in Russia.        
St. Nikolas Church in
Nikolaevsk (1984)  
Russian Orthodox Old-Rite
Church Calendar $19.99
( Russian/English 2017)

The ''Nina's History of

and ''Nina's Cookbook''
is also available for
purchase and the price is
Russian Orthodox
Old-Right  Church
Bed and Breakfast
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''SAMOVAR'' Cafe
Nina`s Fireweed Tea